Joe Marrero

Joe Marrero

It was on an old IBM PS/2 with an Intel 286 CPU when I started my unrelenquishing passion for exploring and learning about computers. Then in 1996, I got onto the Internet for the first time and discovered other people who shared a similar passion for computers. It was in these darker corners of the world wide web that I saw the first computer programs that were written by individuals that seemed to do amazing things. This is the moment that I regard as being the spark that lit the blaze in my heart for Software Engineering and computer programming.

Now we fast forward 21 years later and I'm still writing code.


  • Languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, JavaScript.
  • Network programming: TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS.
  • Mobile development on Android using Java and NDK.
  • Computer graphics using OpenGL, GLSL, and WebGL.
  • Database development using MySQL, SQLite, and Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
  • Web applications using Ruby on Rails and PHP.
  • Strong background in algorithms and mathematics.


I am a US‐citizen with ten years of professional development experience. I am seeking a challenging development position where I can utilize my experience on challenging technical problems.


B.S. in Computer Science, Cum Laude
Florida International University (Miami, Florida, USA)
2002 — 2007

B.S. in Mathematical Science, Cum Laude
Florida International University (Miami, Florida, USA)
2002 — 2008

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer
June 2015 to Present
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Developed features and fix bugs in Citrix's XenMobile for Android product using Java and C.
  • Supported and fixed bugs in transparent file encryption and native system call hooks.
  • Developed user interface for XenMobile wrapping service in the cloud using Angular 2 and TypeScript.
ADEX Technologies
February 2015 to May 2015
Cypress Creek, Florida
  • Worked on vision tracking and IMU tracking algorithms for up and coming augmented reality startup.
  • Developed Bluetooth LE software using Qt and BlueGiga BLE software stack for a startup that produces medical devices.
  • Developed all unit tests for exercising all Bluetooth LE functionality.
Software Engineer
Hilton Software LLC, Contractor
August 2014 to February 2015
Coral Springs, Florida
  • Developed an inĀ­house toolchain of command line tools for generating and working with TMS tiles and MBTiles databases using C#, C/C++, Proj.4, GDAL, and SQLite.
  • Developed the tools that processed and generated data for Hilton Software's government aviation mapping mobile application called Aero App.
  • Maintained and extended Aero Data Server for data distribution of datasets for NGA customers using Aero App.
  • Developed tool for packaging PDFs into zip files with JSON manifest containing metadata.
  • Developed several activities and fragments for Wing X Pro 7 for Android including the chart search, chart viewer, and PDF viewing functionality.
  • Developed graphics libraries for rendering aviation charts using OpenGL ES and OpenGL.
Senior Software Engineer
October 2012 to August 2014
Lauderhill, Florida
  • Worked on a thermal mapping web application using WebGL.
  • Worked on push to talk Android mobile device using Java, JNI, Kodiak, and internal Android packages.
  • Created tool to convert WireShark PCAP network captures to JMeter load test JMX file using Java.
  • Created iOS prototype for a video
  • conferencing application on the iPhone/iPad using ffmpeg.
  • Worked at BlackBerry for 13 months on the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 in Sunrise, Florida.
  • At Blackberry, I fixed bugs and implemented features in software update service, unified inbox, and PIM in Cascades/Qt/C++ application.
  • Supported legacy Blackberry settings application using ActionScript 3 and Adobe AIR.
C++ Software Engineer
March 2011 to October 2012
Hollywood, Florida
  • Fixed bugs and developed product enhancements on ScheduALL's flagship product.
  • Win32 development using C++
  • Supported Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle 10g/11g in the data layer.
  • Occasionally worked in the C# COM objects.
Shrewd Creative
May 2010 to October 2012
Hollywood, Florida
  • Used the Bloomberg API to design and implement bond trading tool for client.
  • Developed PHP web applications for clients.
  • Developing web technologies and applications using C/C++, PHP5, JavaScript, MySQL, and Amazon Web Services.
  • Developed libraries and heap debugging utilities.
Software Engineer
FAP Services, LLC
May 2009 to April 2010
  • C and PHP development.
  • PHP Extension development and modifications in C.
  • Designed a FastCGI framework for C web applications.
  • Designed scalable web applications using Amazon Web Services.
  • Developed an affiliate and support system from start to finish.
  • Wrote tools and web applications in support of the largest dating website in Europe.
Game Programmer
Darkside Games Studio
October 2008 to May 2009
Coral Springs, Florida
  • C++ development.
  • Worked on game play code for TBA Unreal 3 project.
  • Worked on two TBA Wii titles using proprietary technology.
  • Worked on 2K Marin's internal build system used for Bioshock 2.
  • Designed and implemented multiple systems including 3D path finding.
Software Engineer
October 2007 to October 2008
Deerfield Beach, Florida
  • Developed and fixed bugs on Myxer's flagship product, MyxerTones.
  • Worked on code that supported ringtone delivery of over 4 million users.
  • ASP.Net / C# development.
  • Setup, configured, and administrated Myxer's Amazon EC2 hosts.
  • Implemented Myxer's Amazon EC2 version of the Media Server that leverages existing open source tools (PHP, et cetera) for media transcoding.
  • SQL development in production environment.
  • Developed code on the front line of the mobile space.
UTS Field Engineer
Florida International University
September 2002 to April 2003
Miami, Florida
  • Offered support for software, hardware, and network issues encountered by university faculty on a network of 15,000 nodes and 8,000 users.
  • Configured network printers and other hardware.
  • Provided weekend assistance for the VoIP cut‐overs and second day support.
  • Solely offered support for UNIX machines.
  • Worked with a team of field engineers to resolve several network wide issues.


Available upon request.